Memotri, a great new memory game

When you’re looking for a funny game which you can play on your mobile phone or tablet, you’re in the right place with the game Memotri. This is a fun matching game you can play on your ipad or iPhone. The goal of the game is to find all sets of three cards as quick as you can. Just like the game everyone knows: Memory

Another great goal of this game is to train your brains. And of course, memotri will train the brain more than a game of memory will do. You don’t have to remember the position of two matching cards, but you will have to try to remember three of them! That needs more power of the brain :).

Beside the goals of testing your memory with this game, Memotri’s beautiful hand drawn graphics make this game enjoyable and fun for every kid that likes matching pair games!

It keeps track of local high scores as well as global leaderboards where you can compare yourself to the best memotri players in the world. Some other characteristics of Memotri are:

  • Like memory, but you must find 3 simular cards
  • Singleplayer option
  • Multiplayer option (on one device)
  • Different difficulties with different boardsizes and decks, so possible to play for kids of all ages
  • Intuitive gameplay

As you can see it’s also possible to play this game in Multiplayer mode. So this is your chance to find out who has the best memory in your family. Or do we need to say the best memotri :). Dare your brothers or sisters, and when you’ve beaten them, challenge your parents. I know you can also beat them with this great game.

Download memotri

Download this great game for free in the app store or watch the video on the website of memotri. Make sure to become number one in the high score list and celebrate your achievements :). And if you really like the game, don’t forget to leave your review in the app store.

Memotri Memotri sweets Hand drawn strawberry