Learning tools for kids

When kids go to school for the first time, they’ll be overwelmed with everything they have to learn. They will have to learn to read, to calculate, to write and more of these things. Most kids can handle this, but sometimes it will be too much. Especially when history, geography and maybe some foreign languages are added. In that case some learning tools for kids will be a solution. With these learning tools for kids you can prepare or help them with these learning phases in their live. Actually, it’s very simple… you can put some basics on the toilet. Where? Yes, you read it right, on the toilet.

When you put some basic things on the wall of the toilet, kids can learn while they are sitting there. It’s effective and they also think it’s funny without knowing they’re learning something. The only disadvantage is that they will stay some longer on the toilet doing their thing. Just like dad reading his newspaper on the toilet :). And of course it will bring a great advantage… little boys will sit down in stead of standing :). This will keep your toilet floor clean.

Print & place the learning tools for kids

Below we’ve placed some handy school tools you can print and place on the toilet. You’ll find school tools like the tables 1 to 10, states with and without capitals, the months of the year and the alphabet in lowercase and uppercase. The basic of the childrens future begins with these simple learning tools. So, we love to help preparing your kids for a great future they deserve.

Have lots of fun with learning on the toilet, but first ask your parents to print these learning tools for kids for free and to put them on the toilet wall or in the bathroom.

Months of the year Alphabet lowercase alphabet uppercase

United States of America Learning the states and capitals Capitals of the states