Kids shows on Nick Jr

There are a lot of shows for kids on television, but one of the stations broadcasting kids shows, is Nick Jr. Nick Jr is the little brother of Nickelodeon, which broadcasts shows for older children, like teenagers. Nickjr is a channel with shows especially made for preschoolers and kids just going to school. All the shows they have, are meant to teach kids, like teaching them standards and values in a playful manner. In most shows the children are concerned to join the cartoonish characters.

Below you’ll find the most favorite shows among kids, but also parents enjoy watching them with the kids. The parents will also encourage children to get involved with the characters from the shows (and secretly they are doing it too). The shows on Nickjr are rotated day and night. That may be useful, for example with New Year. The parents are standing outside with the fireworks and the children are sitting still and sleepy for the tube. Just to watch Dora and Boots, Diego or another show on Nick Jr :).

Kids shows on Nick Jr

5 animal friends having great adventures in their garden Group of mermaid like children on nick jr Nick jr show Go Diego Go

Dan with a passion for dinosaurs Dora the Explorer on Nick jr Franklin the turtle

Nick jr show about 2 cute little bunnies Olivia, a little girl piglet played on Nick jr Nick jr Show with mini superheroes

The crew of Yo Gabba Gabba