Kids art gallery

Little kids who start with drawing for the first time, mostly begin with some scratches. This is the beginning of kids art. But you have to look out with these little kids. Before you know it they’re drawing on your floor, the wall, the table or on your sofa. They can even hide very secretly in the bathroom and put some nice colors on the tiles. So keep an eye on them when you give them some markers or pencils :).

As soon as kids become a little older, these scratches will become lines and even further, it will become figures. Hopefully they are stopped by that time with the coloring on thing they’re not allowed to.

When kids are drawing something, it doesn´t matter to them if it´s just some lines or a nice figure. They´ll be proud of it anyway and mostly want to give it to someone special. The chance is big they will make a whole story with the drawing, even if it´s just a view lines :). Just play along with it or else you won’t get any more drawings from them.

Drawing present

If someone gets a drawing from a kid, they mostly stick the kids drawing to the fridge. Often they have magnets to make them stick to a metallic refrigerator door. If the drawing hangs there very long, it will be moved to the side of the fridge. Eventually, they are taken off and stored in a folder, to give it back later to the child when he or she has grown up. Drawings must be removed once in a while, else you can’t see the fridge anymore because children make many drawings. Maybe it’s an art project for kids to get the refrigerator door as full as possible.


We’ve placed some kids drawings and colored coloring pages below, made by children of different ages. Just take look at these drawings in this drawings gallery, this must be kids art :).

You can help us make this kids art gallery a huge kids gallery if you like. You may send a scan of your own drawing(s) or coloring page to us with your name, age and country (and maybe a description of the drawing) and we’ll place it in this kids gallery. How great is that! Are you enthusiastic about this, please email us your art creation to

Drawings made by 2 year old kids

Two year old kids can draw, as we can see with the 3 coloring pages colored in by two year old kids. Well, they’re all colored by boys, as these are kind of subjects for boys. It’s Patrick Star from Spongebob, a friendly pirate and the peace van Fillmore from the movie Cars.

Spongebob's Patrick Star Colored pirate Fillmore the colorful peace van

Drawings made by a 4 year old girl

The drawings below are made by a 4 year old girl, named Kaylee, who lives in the USA. Well, the USA is very huge, but I don’t know the country/state she lives in. Eitherway, here you can see that 4 year old kids, start learning to draw neatly between lines. Kaylee colored in coloring pages from the 101 Dalmations, Wall-e and just a coloring page of a dog and a hare together.

Wall-e colored in A dog and hare colored in Dalmations colored in from Disney's 101 dalmatians

Mario Bros colored in by 4 year old James

Mario Bros is funny to color in, so what do you think of the coloring page of Mario Bros colored in by a 4 year old boy, called James. James lives in Austria and loves playing Nintendo games, like Mario Kart. His favorit character in this car racing game is Mario, but he told me he also likes Luigi.

Mario, Luigi and friends

Funny kids art drawings made by a 5 year old girl

The coloring pages below are made by a 5 year old girl, named Quincy, who lives in Sydney, Australia. I’m told this is her family, a mom, a dad, her brother and herself. It’s great to see how little kids can draw their family as cartoonish figures. They must be very happy with each other, because on both drawing they are smiling from ear to ear, she even used the color white for the shining teeth 🙂

Drawing of a happy family Funny drawing of happy people