Hello Kitty

Hello Kitty originates from Japan, she was created there in the early ’70s and from there she made here entrance in the USA and in the rest of the world. Kitty is a white girly kitten, and the funny thing is, she also has a cat by herself. Next to her cat Charmmy, she has a lot of friends like two monkeys called Tammy and Timmy. Other friends are Rory the squirl, Joey the mouse, Piano the sheep and a white rabbit called My Melody.

In the beginning Hello Kitty was an animated show for little kids. With these shows these kids are educated, they could learn to write, read, count and calculate. These are the basics kids need when they are going to school, so if you can learn some of these thing by yourself or with a little help from Kitty, that’s great.

This Kitty cat is really something for girls with red and pink colors and of course the girly things. I guess they’ve tried to make it a little bit more interesting for boys by making sheets and images with things like planes and footballs on it. Secretly I do not think this is successful, because I almost don’t see guys with Hello Kitty items. So you could say and think that it’s specially for little girls. But nowadays teenagers and even grown ups have items from this cartoonish figure. Big girls walk with handbags with these figures on it and even in the winter these grown up girls walk with hats with Kitty on it. Of course little kids also can have these items within their own size.

There’s only one thing I think is a little bit strange, and that’s her name. What do you say when you see her and you want to call her. Just when you only want to say “Hello”?
Do you say “Hello Kitty” or maybe “Hello Hello Kitty”? Well, I think you just have to say something like “Hi Hello Kitty”. 🙂

Hello Kitty coloring pages

We’ve posted a lot of different coloring pages of Hello Kitty and her friends. There are so many, you can easily fill a lot of days with it.

Hello Kitty Coloring pages
Hello Kitty coloring pages