Hello Kitty coloring pages

Have lot’s of fun coloring in these Hello Kitty coloring pages. We have posted enough, so you can enjoy these coloring pages of Hello Kitty a very long time 🙂

Hello Kitty coloring pages

Hello Kitty and her friends love sports on the land and in the water. Is a fact that most girls do not like football, but Hello Kitty likes playing this “boys” sport in the park with Joey. But she also loves playing tennis, sailing with Rory and diving. We have 4 Hello Kitty coloring pages from Hello Kitty and her friends doing these great sports. It’s great to sea with doing these sports, she meets new friends. While diving, she became friends with a huge whale.

Hello Kitty playing football Playing tennis Sailing in the ocean Swimming with a whale

Hello Kitty coloring pages Flying in an air balloon Hello Kitty in the sky with balloons Driving on a scooter

Description with the coloring sheet above:
1. Hello Kitty swishes through the air with her plane. She looks down and sees a beautiful fairytale castle
2. Hello Kitty is flying in an air balloon. What can she she with her binocular?
3. Hello Kitty is carried by a bunch of balloons. How many balloons are there? Color them all nicely with each balloon its own color
4. Hello Kitty’s scarf is waving in the wind while she’s rides around on her scooter. Don’t go too fast Hello Kitty, be careful

More coloring pages of Hello Kitty

Hide and Seek Hello Kitty coloring pages Draw an apple and color it in Happy birthday Joey

Description with the coloring pages above:
1. Hello Kitty and Joey are playing hide and seek, that’s always fun. Hello Kitty is counting, Joey will hide behind the closet
2. Ooh no, Helly Kitty fell so she needed to go to the doctor to reduce the pain
3. Hello Kitty loves drawing as you can see in this Hello Kitty coloring page. Her she’s drawing an apple, just because she loves apples
4. It’s joey’s birthday, so let’s turn on the jukebox and have some fun dancing with each other

Hello Kitty coloring pages Hello Kitty coloring page at the circus Going to school At the beach

Description with the Hello Kitty coloring pages above:
1. Wow, this friend of Hello Kitty is really great with juggling. He must work at the circus
2. Let’s go to the circus, maybe we can ride an elephant there. It’s possible in this Hello Kitty coloring page
3. Hello Kitty and Joey are going to school with the schoolbus
4. After school, they love going to the beach to enjoy the sun and playing with the sand. Let’s make a castle from sand

Out to the park Picking apples from the tree Love for strawberries Picking beautiful flowers

Description with the coloring sheets above:
1. Let’s go walking to the park, that’s a great thing to do
2. Hello Kitty is picking sweet apples from that beautiful apple tree
3. Let’s pick some strawberries, we really love these sweet fruits
4. In the garden you can pick flowers, it’s fun to see a bee going by who also loves flowers

Coloring pages with baking, cooking and picnic

Hello Kitty loves baking, cooking and of course a picnic to eat al the food in the park. So here we have some Hello Kitty coloring pages where Hello Kitty has made a delicious cake, cooking in the kitchen and going to picnic in the parc with her friends.

Cake coloring page Hello Kitty cooking in the kitchen Going for a picnic Picnic in the park

George en Mary, Hello Kitty's parents and house Coloring page of Hello Kitty and friends Hello cowboy Kitty Time to go to bed

Description with the coloring pages above:
1. George en Mary, the father and mother of Hello Kitty in front of their house
2. Hello Kitty has a lot of friend. Within this Hello Kitty coloring page there are some. Do you know who they are?
3. Let’s dress up and play cowboy and indian
4. After all the playing, it’s time for Hello Kitty to go to bed. Don’t forget to brush your teeth

Hello Kitty coloring pages It's raining, so we need an umbrella Hello Kitty in the rain Hello Kitty in Japan

Description with the Kello Kitty coloring pages above:
1. Hello Kitty wants to go outside, she only has to take her hat, her pocket and put on her jacket
2. We’re outside, but’s it starts to rain. Fortunately, we have an umbrella with us so we’ll stay dry
3. It’s still raining outside, but we have to go do some shoppings at the store. So, we’ll need that umbrella again
4. Hello Kitty is going back to her roots in Japan. On this Hello Kitty coloring page she wears a traditional kimono. In Japan Hello Kitty also needs an umbrella, but that’s to protect from the sun

When you need help with downloading these Hello Kitty coloring pages, you can use the download instructions. In the future we’ll try to offer more Hello Kitty coloring pages, there can always be more 🙂