Halloween wallpaper

With halloween most people won’t think of a halloween wallpaper on their computer. The will decorate their house with all kind of creepy things, just to scare people. It looks very nice when they’ve made it extra scary by decorating the inside and the outside of their house. Some houses will look like haunted houses, really great. Of course the pumpkins with scary faces may not be missed. They will even decorate themselves or dress up as scary figures. Just all with one goal….to frighten other kids, neighbours, relatives and other people. Ok, maybe there are two goals because having fun is also a very important thing with Halloween. Dress up as a ghost, a mummy, a ghoul or maybe as Frankenstein. Kids can also be dressed up as kids from these characters. Just like the kids in the popular serie Monster High.

But, what mostly is forgotten with halloween, is to decorate the computer or laptop with a halloween wallpaper. So the first thing you’ll have to do when you’re going nuts with halloween, is to pick a great Halloween wallpaper and place it on your desktop. Below we’ve placed some for you to choose from. They’re all creepy and scary :). Of course you can pick them all and create a scary screensaver on your computer by letting the wallpapers rotate on your screen. Whatever you’ll do, have a lot of fear with it 🙂

Different halloween wallpaper in different resolutions

We’ve different halloween wallpapers in the resolution 1024 x 768 and 1200 x 1080 pixels. Below you’ll find them in seperate sections with their own halloween wallpaper. Find your favorite one to set it as your desktop wallpaper. You can also print these wallpapers to do some crafting with it. Or maybe you can print them anduse it as decoration for your room

1024 x 768px
Haunted House Halloween Happy Halloween

Spider Happy halloween halloween wallpaper 006

1200 x 1080px
Scary Halloween spider Halloween background

Halloween pumkins Scary pumpkins Halloween Night