Goofy is one of a kind. He is some sort of dog, unique in his own way and one of the best friends of Mickey Mouse and Donald Duck. I think he’s one of the funniest characters because he can be very clumsy. But he can also be very clever. Even though he is a dog like Pluto, he can talk. But I think he’s not really a dog, but only some dog properties are taken over in this funny character of Goofy.

Goofy coloring pages

Below we’ve placed some coloring pages from him, where you sometimes can see how clumsy he can be. But, he stays a great character 🙂 Have lost of fun with these coloring pages.

He loves sports, but because he is a little but clumsy sometimes, there is often something going wrong. In the coloring pages about baseball or basketball, there’s nothing going wrong……yet. You can figure out what could happen with the bat in his hands. Goofy on skates is not really a success and on that old bike he’s going much too fast. That can not go well.

Playing basketball Playing basketball Skating with Goofy Old bike

When he was young, Goofy already loved fishing as you can see in the first coloring page. Only every time when he goes fishing something goes wrong as you can see in the second coloring page. I guess he’ve caught a very big fish 🙂

Young Goofy fishing Clumsy Goofy fishing

Just like kids visiting this page with coloring pages, Goofy loves coloring. He goes even further than coloring in, namely painting. He gets a workbench and a canvas and starts painting with all kind of colors. And afterwards, he has earned an ice cream. A very big ice cream 🙂

Goofy coloring page Goofy coloring sheet Painting Ice cream after coloring and painting

He’s a star in making funny faces. In the coloring pages below you can find some of these funny faces. We also see Goofy dressed up as a rich sheikh.

Goofy coloring pages Goofy coloring sheets Where to go Sheikh

More coloring pages of Goofy

As said before and what will be said more often, Goofy can be very clumsy. Funny, but clumsy. In the Goofy coloring pages below you can see that he’s chained and being entangled in a rope because he wanted to be a cowboy. And when you give him balloons or a sledge, you know that can not be good either 🙂

Chained Entabgled in a rope That can not be good Sledge with Goofy

Goofy is in love and brings a serenade to someone. I don’t know who he’s in love with, but he has brought his friend Pluto to help him sing his serenade. After the song, he can give his heart to the one he loves.

Sing along with Pluto and Goofy In love

These are the last coloring pages we have this great cartoonish figure. One from him crying because of the onions. The second one is from him as a goalkeeper. The third one is from Goofy pretending he’s a monkey, or is he just playing with another monkey? In the fourth he’s just walking and in the last coloring sheet he’s driving a car

Crying Goofy Goalkeeper Goofy as a monkey Just walking Let's drive