Franklin is a real, true show for preschoolers. In this show, Franklin Turtle is the main character. As his name suggests, he’s a turtle. Not a teenage mutant ninja turtle, but a young, kind and friendly growing turtle who goes to school :). He lives in the village “Woodland” with his family and friends and has many adventures playing in and beyond Woodland. He and the little viewers will learn a lot from these adventures, as he will experience al lot of milestones the viewing kids can and will relate to in their own lives, like friendships, relations, families, getting older, etc. All these things will pass during the cartoon Franklin.

On the adventures, Franklin sometimes needs a helping hand from his caring and loving parents, Mr. and Mrs. Turtle. Sometimes he has to be inhibited or guided in the correct direction by his parents. A little bit of discipline is of course needed like in most families. Next to his parents, he has a little sister, two grandmothers and one grandfather in the family. His little sister’s name is Harriet. His single grandmother, the mother of Mr. Turtle, also lives in Woodland so is always not far off. The parents of Mrs. Turtle live on a seperated farm outside Woodland.

Franklin is very fond of soccer, baseball, hockey and swimming in or sitting by the pond with his friends. He also likes drawing a lot (and maybe some coloring 🙂 ). He doesn’t like the darkness and thunder, when he’s scared of this (espacially when he goes to sleep), he takes his blue blanket and his stuffed dog “Sam”, which will help him to fall asleep.

Next to Franklin the turtle and his whole turtle family, we see his friends in this cartoon. That’s why the show is also called Franklin and Friends.
Franklin has a best friend, whose name is Bear, and some other friends like, Beaver, Fox, Goose, Rabbit and Snail. All the friends live in the same place “Woodland”. This is a very small village, so every one knows each other.

Franklin characters

Well, let’s quickly meet some of the friends:

  • Bear: As said, Bear is Franklin’s best friend. He is a little bear, loyal, also like sports and like all bears, he loves to eat.
  • Beaver: A girly, sensitive beaver who likes to take the lead and is an excellent swimmer.
  • Harriet: The happy and playful little sister of Franklin. She loves her big brother and looks up to him. She loves playing games and mostly wants him to join her in these games.
  • Rabbit: He’s the joker of all the friends and always sees the positive things, even when they are in a bad situation. This rabbit loves sports and from all sports he loves rollerblades the most.
  • Goose: A kind and friendly girly goose who loves games, skating and dancing as a ballerina.
  • Fox: A confidential and exploring fox with a chaming smile (like most foxes in cartoons have).
  • Snail: A little, bright and kindly snail and the smallest animal of all friends. He loves to ride on Franklin’s shell.
  • On school , all these kids are taught by the gentle, patient and wise teacher Mr. Owl. Beyond school time, the kids can enjoy their selves in the Village Park or at the playground. In Village Park the kids go to skateboard there. At the playground are a slide and some swings, specially for the little kids like Harriet and Beatrice (Bear’s little sister). They also enjoy playing tag and hide-and-seek there.