Flower wallpaper

There are a lot of different flowers with al kind of different colors in the world. You can find them in nature, but also in a flower wallpaper. You can have plants with great flowers in nature, fields full with flowers, plants in your garden or a bouquet of flowers in a vase from a florist. There are a lot of possibilities, but, al these flowers are seasonal so you can’t enjoy it all year long. Of course this is very short-sighted, because you can make photo’s of it and for example set it as your computer background or place them on a digital photo frame. That way you can enjoy it every day.

When you are not familiar with making photo’s and/or backgrounds, you can always find some wallpapers of beautiful flowers on the internet. Below we have an overview of some great backgrounds with flowers in different colors. We’ve made these photo’s somewhere in the nature, in our own garden or in our house.

In nature we’ve made some great images of a sunflower field. These are fields full of growing sunflowers especially for the sale, for the production of sunflower oil or sunflower seeds. Of course is’s very nice to give a sunflower bouquet for a birthday or something like that. But, you must buy is at the florist. Don’t try to get into a field without permission and certainly don’t try to pick some flowers. If the farmer sees you, he’ll probably shoot you with a shotgun :). So, it’s a lot more save to set a sunflower wallpaper on your computer.

We’re also very proud of our own blue rain, also called wistaria, standing in our garden. We’ve posted some wallpapers of this beautiful tree with blue / purple flowers around 3 feet long each. You can almost call it a blue wallpaper.

When you want a purple wallpaper, you can set a lavender field as your background. Or maybe a part of these beautiful purple lavender plants. These flowers attract butterflies and bees, when you look very good, you can find both of these animals in the lavender pictures below. When you see a lavender farm, mostly it’s possible to buy or taste some honey there, this is very nice. With thanks to the bees :).

When your not into lavendar but love the color purple, maybe a wallpaper of a lilac tree is something for you. For us this is one of our favorites.

Of course there are also some other pictures of flowers, like some orchids, red roses, a strelitzia or a hibiscus.

Flower wallpaper

Pick out the best flower wallpaper you like most and set it directly as your desktop background. Notice that the wallpapers with the resolution 1920×1080 we offer, are also usable for other resolutions. For example, these are usable for 1600×900, 1920×1080 and 1280×720 without being distorted.
When you click on the image, you can download the wallpaper in the size 1024×768. For all sizes, we’ve placed a list at te bottom of this page.

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