Find the differences

Find the differences games are great and funny games for little children to learn to focus and concentrate. In these games there will be shown 2 simular-like pictures. At first sight the pictures seem to be the same. But, they’r not :). When you look closer, you’ll see some differences between them.

These find the differences games are very popular by little kids and it’s always hard but exciting to spot the last difference in the pictures. When they’ve got it, they really can be thrilled about it 🙂

Playing these printable games is a great way of keeping your children away from playing online games on the internet. Of course you can let your kids find the differences online, but wouldn’t it be nice to print it and let them spot a difference and encircle it one by one? With these games on paper you’ll obviously prevent greasy and dirty fingers on your screen 🙂

Find your favorite find the differences game or games and click on the images below to get a larger version of it you can download and print. Let your kids play these fantastic mind games. Train the brains of your kids, how may differences can they spot…..
We’ve tried to offer some nice printable games of spot the differences you can download. Of course there are some easy games to play, but some are a little bit more difficult. We will try to continue offering more of these games in the future. Of course it’s possible to use these printable games as coloring pages. First solve these games by finding the differences, then color in the sheets.


If needed, you can use the download instructions and the Games tutorial.

Find the differences games

Disney Cars spot the differences Disney Cars The van Fillmore

Spot the 7 differences in these 3 find the differences games from the Disney Cars movie. In total 21 differences, can you spot them all?

Dora and Boots Spot the differences in this image with Dora Help Dora and Boots to spot the differences Swiper

The find the differences games above are all from Dora the Explorer. Below you’ll find the description with these games:

  • Before Dora and Boots may cross the bridge, they first have to find the 3 differences between the pictures. Can you help them to find these differences? When you’ve found them, cross them on the lower image
  • Dora and Boots love to drive with Tico. Find the 5 differences between the pictures and cross them on the lower image
  • Here we have a nice page of Dora and Boots with a sweet butterfly. But, there are 5 differences between the 2 pages. Can you find these 5 differences? Cross them on the lower image
  • Swiper, don’t swipe! There are 7 differences between both images. Can you find them all? Cross them in the lower image

Princes Ariel Pooh, Tigger and Piglet
Can you spot the 5 differences in the 2 games from Ariel and her friends deep in the see and from Pooh and his friends Tigger and Piglet? When you’ve found them, cross them on the lower or the upper image. Don’t forget to print these games first 🙂

In all the find the differences games below you have to spot 5 differences between two simular like pictures.
Can you find all 5 of them in these bubble guppies pictures? The last one is always the most difficult to find 🙂
Find the differences 005 Find the differences 006 Find the differences 007 Find the differences 008 Find the differences 009