Dora coloring pages

Dora coloring pages are, like the show, specially made for little children or preschoolers. Coloring in these coloring sheets from Dora the Explorer and her friends is a very simple and fun activity for kids. All you need to do is find some great Dora coloring pages your children like, download and print them, and let the kids color them in. Make sure when you have little kids, they’ll use pencils or crayons in stead of markers. Before you know it, the entire floor will be colored in. And when it’s done with markers, you won’t be happy.

Of course when your kids get older, they know they can’t color in your floor with markers, so then your floor will be save again.

Children love these Dora coloring pages and of course it’s a great way of keeping them away from playing games on their Nintendo WII, Xbox or Playstation. Of course they can also read books or things like that, but wouldn’t it be great to let them make their own coloring book with all the Dora sheets you can find on onlykidsonly for free?

We’ve tried to offer a very wide range of printable coloring sheets of Dora the Explorer and all the other characters from this popular show you can download on onlykidsonly. Find your favorite Dora coloring pages to print and let the kids try to stay neatly inside the lines :). There are a lot of free coloring pages of Dora and Boots having great adventures together. Sometimes even Diego, the nephew of Dora, joins them in these adventures. Have lots of fun with coloring in these Dora coloring pages of Dora, Boots, Swiper and more characters from this show on nickjr.

Dora Coloring pages

Here we have 2 coloring pages of Dora, Boots and Swiper with a basket of apples. Dora and Boots have collected a full basket with apples. It was a hell of a job to collect them all and it seems that Swiper has stolen this basket with apples. Oh no, I hope Dora and Boots will get these apples back :). Mostly apples are yellow, green or red. Why don’t you print these coloring pages and color in all the apples in your favourite colors. And of course, don’t forget to color in Dora, Boots and Swiper too.

Dora coloring pages 023 Dora coloring pages 024

  • Here we have a Dora coloring page where the little viewer will learn to count four plus four equals eight in the Spanish language (cuatro mas cuatro igual ocho). Have fun coloring in this Dora the Explorer coloring page.
  • Boots is all alone in this coloring page. If you want to color in just Boots, this is a great opportunity to do so. Boots is standing alone on this coloring page and is pointing his finger to some swings between trees. I think that’s the next adventure of Boots.
  • Dora and Boots really love Easter. Especially searching and painting eggs in all different colors is what they like about it so much. Dora and Boots are going to grandmothers house to paint some little easter eggs and one huge easter egg which is laying outside.
  • A teddybear is of course a bear to hug with. In this Dora coloring page, we see Dora completely in love with this cute teddybear. Do you also have a favorite teddybear? With this Dora coloring page you can try to color in this teddybear in the same colors your own teddybear is?

Counting with Dora Boots Easter with Dora and Boots Dora completely in love with a cute teddybear

  • Dora is on her way on an adventure with Boots who is hanging in a tree. Most kids also like to climb in trees just like Boots. Are you also a little climber?
  • Dora and Boots are giving each other a very big hug in this Dora coloring page. There are a lot of hearts around them, so it must be true they are best friends forever and always. There’s a lot of love between Dora and Boots.
  • In this free Dora coloring page there are a lot of characters shown. Dora, Boots, Swiper, Benny the bull and the horse are waving and waiting to be colored in.
  • Dora and Boots are watching a train which is coming towards them….choo chooooooo 🙂 Get on this train, or maybe when they arrive, one of the other trains. For a minute stop playing with your trains and print out this coloring page and start color it in with the finest colors you have.

Dora and Boots on a new adventure Best friends forever Let's wave Train

  • Lions are mostly very dangerous animals. But in this Dora coloring page, we have found a lion who’s not so dangerous. Dora and Boot are sitting on the back of a very big, but as said one of the friendly lions. Friendly lions are hard to find, mostly you can see them in a circus. Maybe there’s a circus in town to go to…..But first print this coloring page for free and color it in the best you can.
  • Grumpy old troll is a very funny character in the nick jr show “Dora the Explorer”. That’s why this Dora coloring page is one of the favorites, because here we have him: It’s the grumpy old troll who’s showing himself 🙂 This grumpy old troll lives under a bridge. If Dora and Boots want to cross over the bridge, all they gotta do is solve the riddle of the grumpy old troll.
  • Backpack and Map are very important characters in the show Dora the Explorer. Without them, it’s very difficult for Dora and the little viewers to reach the destination of the adventures. Map knows all the routes and Backpack can produce everything they need to complete their quests. All you have to do to call him, is say “Backpack”.
  • Palm trees are seen often in the forests where Dora comes around. In this Dora coloring page Dora is on her way to a new adventure and walking between some palm trees.

Lion Grumpy old troll Backpack and Map Walking between palm trees

Swiper coloring page Dancing Boots Dora and Boots on their way Driving a car with Tico the squirrel

  • Swiper don’t swipe, Swiper don’t swipe. Swiper the fox is always trying to steal things from Dora and Boots. Click on the coloring page to open a larger version so you can download this very nice coloring page of Swiper.
  • Dancing is a great thing to do, so, wanna dance? Dance along with this Dora coloring sheet where Boots is showing his dance moves. See him dancing :). Maybe he can join his favorite dancing show ‘so you think you can dance’
  • Adventure? Yes or no? Shall we go on an adventure with Dora and Boots? Well, think it over and in the mean time, you can color in this Dora coloring sheet from Dora and Boots who are on their way of a new adventure.
  • Toy cars are always fun toys for boys to play with, but also little girls sometimes like playing with these toy cars. Driving the cars out of the play garage and over dad’s legs and knees like these are mountains 🙂 In this Dora coloring page Dora, Boots and Tico the squirrel are driving in a car. Buckle up, then we are safe. Is it a real car, or also one of the toy cars?

Swinging Boots Dora and Boots with a lot of balloons ice cream Coloring page from Dora, Boots and Map

  • Boots is a real monkey who likes to play. In this Dora coloring page Boots is hanging and swinging around in a tree. Click on the coloring page to open a larger version so you can download this coloring page of this funny monkey.
  • Try to color all these balloons neatly and maybe you can give each balloon a different color. When you’re finished coloring in this coloring page, why don’t you treat yourself to some balloons.
  • In this Dora coloring page Dora and Boots are eating a very delicious ice cream. Color in these scoops in your favorite flavours like strawberry and vannila. When you’re finished coloring in this coloring page, why don’t you treat yourself to an ice cream.
  • Map isn’t shown very much in the Dora coloring pages. Well, in this one Map is in it! Map is together with Dora and Boots hugging each other with a lot of hearts all around them

Here we have a coloring page of Dora with the Fiesta trio. That’s gonna be a great party :). Well, it sure is a party because in the second coloring page we have Dora and Boots dancing on the sounds of the Fiesta trio.

Dora coloring pages 021 Dora coloring pages 022

  • Here we have a fine coloring page of Tico the Squirrel and Benny the Bull together.
  • Isa loves flowers, particularly sunflowers.
  • Boots is showing Dora a new trick on a ball.
  • A nice coloring page of Isa together with Backpack and Map

Dora coloring pages 025 Dora coloring pages 026 Dora coloring pages 027 Dora coloring pages 028

  • Boots got a present for his birthday. It’s a great firetruck.
  • Well, this item is very handy for Swiper to get away fast when he has stolen something from Dora and Boots 🙂
  • A fine coloring page of Tucan
  • Another coloring page of Dora and Boots dancing together. On the background Swiper is watching them. Will he swipe something from them again?

Dora coloring pages 029 Dora coloring pages 030 Dora coloring pages 031 Dora coloring pages 032

Dora and Boots love blowing bubbles, below we see them with a bubble blower. Dora is running and making the bubbles, Boots is trying to catch these bubbles. Can he jump that high? Dora also likes taking a sunbathe as you can see in the last Dora coloring page. Here we see her at the beach in the sun. She has also made a sand castle. Maybe Boots is in there somewhere 🙂

Dora coloring pages 033 Dora coloring pages 034