Dora, the 7-year-old Explorer, her friends and preschool children, will go on exciting adventures to find their way to reach a final destination. By helping her, the little Nick Jr viewers are tought the mains of the Spanish language by imitating, speaking and singing along with Dora and her friends. Nice to know, in European countries the viewers are tought the English language by Dora.

Dora Characters

With Dora, there are different characters who appear in almost each episode of this cartoon on nick jr. The main characters, next to her, are Boots, Backback, Map and Swiper.

Boots is a little monkey and Dora’s best friend. He became her best friend after she saved his red boots from Swiper, a fox who always tries to steal main items from Dora and Boots which are needed on their adventures.

On their way, they can count on the help of Map and Backpack. Map knows the route they need to follow and Backpack can produce everything they need to complete their quests. Sometimes on their way, they’ll meet Diego, who’s a nephew with his own show, Go Diego Go. So they have adventures of their own, but also great adventures together.


Dora is one of the most popular shows on Nick Jr. That’s why you can find a lot of material from this show and all its characters on the internet. For the little kids it’s fun to download some coloring pages. Or maybe you can surprise them with a wallpaper as the background on your computer. You can also try to find some Dora games like puzzles, cooking games and things like that. We offer you some coloring pages, pictures and wallpapers from Dora.
Next to the material like coloring pages and images, there’s a lot of merchandise you can buy, like clothings, backpacks, bags, stickers, decorations and many many more.

Whatever you are looking for from this show or from the characters of this show, you will undoubtedly find it on onlykidsonly or somewhere else on the internet 🙂

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