Donald Duck

Donald Duck is next to Mickey Mouse, one of the first characters made up by Walt Disney. From the beginning Donald Duck and Mickey Mouse are best friends. Next to Donald, there are more Ducks in the family, like the girlfriend, the nephews and the uncle of Donald Duck.

Donald Duck and his girlfriend Daisy Duck are a kind of a couple. But Donald always has to do his very best to let Daisy see she’s the most important female Duck in his life. And mostly he makes a mess of this. There’s also the rich and stingy uncle of Donald, named Scrooge McDuck. He has a lot of money, but mostly he just want to keep it for himself.

And of course there are also the three nephews of Donald in the family, which names are Huey, Dewey, and Louie. You can never seperate these nephews, especially when they change each other’s caps. And to make it “easier” in the city where the Ducks live, they’ve also introduced three nieces of Daisy Duck within this family. They are called April, May, and June Duck.

Donald is mostly hard to follow and difficult to understand, because he really talks like a duck. But on the other hand, with the moves he makes and the expressions on his face, you can guess what’s going on in his mind 🙂

A lot of kids try to imitate Donald, for theirselves or in Disney shows. Like `hi, I´m …, I´m 5 years old and I imitate Donald Duck: quack quack quack quack quack`.

From the main friends and family from Donald Duck, we’ve placed some coloring pages within the sections mentioned below. Mickey Mouse has his own section with coloring pages, but of course you’ll find some coloring sheets from Donald and Mickey (and their other friends) together.

Below we’ve placed some Donald Duck coloring pages and links to more coloring pages from Donald and some of the other Duck characters, like Daisy and the nephews. For coloring pages from Donald together with Daisy, you can go to the Donald and Daisy Duck section. For coloring pages from Donald with his other friends, like Mickey Mouse and Goofy, you can go to the Mickey Mouse Clubhouse section.

Donald Duck coloring pages

Donald Duck Angry bird Donald
Donald Duck coloring page Donald Duck

Huey, Dewey and Louie
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Scrooge McDuck
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