Donald Duck coloring pages

Below we offer you a lot more Donald Duck coloring pages. When you’re done reading the Donald Duck pockets and magazines, you can download and print some coloring pages and color them in.

Donald Duck coloring pages

Donald likes to dress up, such as a pirate or clown. We don’t have him as a clown, but maybe he acts like a clown sometimes as himself 🙂 We do have coloring pages from Donald Duck dressed up as a pirate (or is it as a musketeer), a captain, a Mexican and as a cowboy.

Donald Duck with a Mexican hat Donald Duck as a captain Donald Duck dressed up as a cowboy The third musketeer

As a real Duck, Donald loves the water. Here we have some coloring pages from this crazy duck at the water or in the water (or almost in the water). And of course when he’s done swimming, the wet clothes must be hung up to dry.

Donald Duck with a shark Donald waving Dive Hang up wet clothes

Donald loves fishing and as you can see he’s very good at it. Mostly he’ll catch some fish. But sometimes it also can go wrong as you can see in the second coloring page from Donald fishing. Or is it Donald sinking?

Fish Donald Duck fishing

Donald can be very happy, like a real happy Duck. In the coloring pages beneath you can see him happy. Happy as baby Donald eating an ice cream and just being happy in the other coloring pages from Donald Duck.

Baby Donald eating an icecream Donald Duck coloring pages Young Donald Happy Donald Duck

Donald likes sports as you can see in these coloring pages. He likes rollerskating and skateboarding, but also pretending he’s Michael “Air” Jordan.

Donald on skates Donald Duck on a scooter Donald Duck on a skateboard Air Duck Jordan

Donald can be very lazy, but he can also be very active with some activities. In the DD coloring sheets below you can see both sides of Donald Duck.

Donald drumming Donald Duck making pancakes Donald painting Lazy Donald Duck

Below you’ll find the following coloring sheets of Donald:

  • feeling a little bit sad. Maybe he has done something wrong
  • arguing with a parrot
  • on his way to Daisy Duck with a nice bouquet of flowers
  • dressed up as Santa Duck

Donald Duck coloring page Donald Duck coloring pages Donald with flowers for Daisy Santa Duck


Donald Masks

Turn yourself into a crazy duck with one of these 2 masks we have for you. Just choose one (or take both), download and print it, color it in, cut it out and turn it into a mask with an elastic.

Donald mask  Crazy Donald mask to cut out