Disney Cars games

Kids love the movies Cars with Lightning McQueen and all the other characters. Next to both movies, they also love to play disney games. How fun would it be when they can combine these both favorit activities. Well, that’s what we’ve tried in this post, free games for kids with the characters from the Cars movie. Also called Cars games for kids.

Cars games

We’ve placed a lot of good games below with all kind of characters from the cars movies. Lightning McQueen is of course shown the most, as he is the main character in these Disney movies.

The listed cargames are not only games for boys. Also girls may play these games, because these are also car games for girls. A lot of girl also like cars and car racing games, so, why not.

Let’s see what kind of games we have. For example we offer a connect the dots game. You have to connect the dots to create McQueen. Of course you can color it in when you’re done connecting.
We also have some spot the differences games, a math game, some mazes and puzzle games.

Some other funny Cars games are my favorit, namely the car racing games. So we’ve also placed some of these cool racing games. In these games you have to find out which car is the fastest by following its line.

For the lovers of drawing cars, we’ve placed some examples you can draw by yourself or will help you to learn to draw.
Maybe the listed game sheets will help you to create a car game by yourself. It’s very easy, so if you’re done playing, you can start making your own cool cars games.

If you need help with downloading or how to play these games, you can use the download instructions or the games tutorial.

Cars alphabet, math and spelling

Children must learn the alphabet, spelling and some math, so why nog start learning this with the three games below.
Start learning the alphabet with Lightning McQueen and his best friend Tow Mater, learn to spell with spelling the names from some Cars characters and learn math beginning with some easy sums.

Cars alphabet Cars spelling Cars math game

Cars find the differences

Spot the differences in the games above with Chick Hicks and Mac. Chick Hicks can be called an unfair racer, as he’ll do everything just to win his races. In this sheet with 2 almost simular pictures, are 7 differences. Can you spot them? Mac is the friendly truck which carries around Lightning McQueen to all his races. There are also 7 differences in this sheet with Mac, can you find them?

Spot the differences game Find the differences within Cars images

There are also 7 differences in each Disney Cars images below, so you’ll have to spot 21 differences total. You can play these games on screen or you can print them to encircle the differences.

Spot the differences within Cars images Disney Cars find the differences Find the differences game with Cars

Cars connect the dots and drawing

In the cars games below you can connect 45 dots to create your favorit character from the movies Cars, Lightning McQueen. When you’ve created McQueen, you can color in this coloring page. The other game is a coloring page you have to complete by yourself, how cool is that! Lightning McQueen is drawn, but you have to make the signs thicker. When you’ve done this, you can color in this coloring page and you can try to draw McQueen by yourself.
I guess you’ll use a lot of red coloring in both coloring games 🙂

Lightning McQueen game Lightning McQueen drawing game

Learn to draw Lightning McQueen and Flo (Ramone’s girlfriend) in these drawing games from the movie Cars. You can try to copy this drawing piece by piece to create McQueen. To make a start, a few lines have been drawn. When you’re done copying in this normal size, you can try to make a larger version of them by making your own sheet with larger squares. Copy per square and increase McQueen or Flo to the size you want.

Learn to draw by copying McQueen Flo

Cars mazes and races

Can you help all the cars through the different mazes? These three maze games are all with Lightning McQueen. In the first two he and Sally must get togetyher, in the third you’ll have to help Guido to get a spare tire to McQueen.

Maze game with McQueen Maze Maze

Of course the Disney Cars movies are about friendship, but they’re also about fast cars and races. Because of the races, we have placed some printable race games from Cars below. Some of these races have to go through mazes, who’s the fastest cars in these race games?

Race between Doc and McQueen Race for the Piston Cup Chick Hicks vs the King

Get Tow Mater to his best friend Get Flo to Ramone Start with Mater and finish at McQueen

Cars puzzles

These Cars puzzles below are very fun to play. You can play them online, you can also print them and cut them out to puzzle in real live (the fourth puzzle of Ramone must be printed)

Find the missing piece of the puzzle Which shadow is the right one
Complete the puzzle Print it, cut out the pieces and start making this puzzle