Dinosaurs are animals who lived millions of years ago. There were dinos in all kind of different sizes from very small to very huge. And there were carnivores and herbivores. The best known carnivore was the Tyrannosaurus Rex, also known as T-Rex. This was the dinosaur king among all dinosaurs. Other well-known dinos are for example the Brachiosaurus, Brontomerus, Spinosaurus, Stegosaurus and Triceratops. These are a few, but there were hundreds of different types.

Dinosaurs are extinct, but you can still see them. There are museums all over the world which set up the found fossils and skeletons of dinosaurs and there are even lifelike dinosaurs reproduced at actual size. And of course there are also several dinosaur movies and shows made with lifelike dinosaurs, just like they didn’t become extinct. I think the most popular movie was Jurassic Park, there are made a few parts of this movie. It’s about a great dinosaur park with real dino-monsters, of course this will give troubles. And of course on Nick jr there’s the show of Dino Dan which is very popular among kids.

There are still descendants of dinosaurs, such as crocodiles, elephants, rhinos and turtles. And of course there is Loch Ness monster which kind of resembles a Plesiosaurus. In shops you can buy dinosaurs in all kind of materials. There are plastic ones but also dinosaurs for kids that you can put together yourself, like a construction kit. If you don’t know the name of a dinosaur, mostly it’s written on the belly.

Crafting with dinosaur pictures and coloring in some dinosaur coloring pages are a very simple and fun activities to do. Especially boys like to do this. Mostly boys are huge fans of these great and huge dinos. Just find your favorite dino, download and print it, and do with it what you want. I used to make my own dinosaur books with these kind of pictures of dinosaurs in the past. Make sure you have enough ink cartridges in your printer 🙂

Below you can find some great pictures from different types of dinos and some great dinosaur coloring pages. You can use the pictures when you’re coloring in the dinosaur coloring pages (to find out which colors you can use) or you can do some crafting with it. Find your favorite dino pictures and coloring pages and let’s start crafting and coloring in 🙂
Maybe you can give the coloring pages the exact colors they used to have a lot of years ago 🙂

Click on the pictures and coloring sheets below to get a larger image of it you can download. Have lots of fun with these dinosaur pictures and dinosaur coloring pages. We will try to continue offering more new coloring pages of these huge and extinct animals.

Dinosaurs pictures

Big dinosaur eye TriceratopsDinosaur pictures 2 dinosaurs in one pictureThe beginning of the end of the dinosaurs Dinosaurs in a lake Pteranodon and a huge dinosaur Tyrannosaurus Rex All dinosaurs on a line

Dino coloring pages

Dinosaur coloring pages Flying dinosaurs coloring page Stegosaurus Dino

Dinosaur coloring pages T-rex Two dinosaurs in one coloring sheet Dinosaur

Color in this huge dino coloring page Two triceratops in front of a vulcano Brachio or Bronto?

Dinosaur in the water Three dinosaurs Brontosaurus Little dinosaurs