Dino Dan

Dino Dan is a television show for all children, even teenagers. It’s about a 10 year old boy named Dan who has, together with his friends, a great passion for dinosaurs and a real active imagination. That’s why he’s called “Dino Dan”. Dan and his friends have great incredible adventures, which are also very funny and educational for the children who see the show Dino Dan.

In every episode the viewers will go on a journey with the smart and curious Dan and his friends learning about science and the life and behavior of dinosaurs. Most kids are watching this show to see some dinosaurs. Well, real dinosaurs are shown!!! This happens when Dan’s wondering how dinosaurs would react on daily things humans do. This is a so called dino question or experiment where Dan’s theories will be tested and resolved, with the help of real dinosaurs which can only be seen by Dan and of course the viewers.

It’s easy, when Dan has a dinosaur question, he’ll go to the dinosaurs to get an answer. Of course these dinosaurs are made by a computer, but they really seem real. Just like in the Jurassic park movies :). Let’s meet a Tyrannosaurus Rex (the dinosaur king), a Brachiosaurus, a Triceratops or a Stegosaurus and learn about these great animals from the past. For example, kids will be taught which dinosaurs are carnivores and which one ain’t. One thing is for sure, the T-Rex is absolutely carnivorous 🙂

Dino Dan characters

Next to Dan and the huge dinosaurs, there are some other human characters in this show, like:

  • Dan’s mother, who is a police officer. Like most police officers, she’s full of disciplin. She’s very proud of Dan and mostly sais he has to do his homework and eat his vegetables when Dan wants to go on his dinosaur adventures.
  • Cory, who is a smart boy and is one of the best friends of Dan. Just like Dan, Cory has a crazy and very active imagination.
  • Ricardo, who is Dan’s best friend, a very sportive teamplayer and always gots Dan’s back. That’s what best friends are for.

  • Angie, who is a girl like one who’s in every class. She always wants to be the best and always knows the answers on the questions of the teacher. She loves reading and to believe somtehing, she first has to see it.
  • Jordan, who is a girl you won’t see much. She loves talking about spiders or bugs and let these creepy animals in het room. Everything she has, has the theme “bugs” on it. Bugs on her clothes, school supplies, pencils…..just everything. But, next to spiders and bugs, she loves butterflies and lady bugs the most. In that case, she looks like a real girl :).
  • Kami, who is a smart and creative girl who loves to talk all the time. It doesn’t matter what subject, she talks about everything.
  • Trek, who is Dan’s little copycat brother. just like Dan, he like dinosaurs and always tries to get Dan to play dinosaurs with him. He’s usually helping out Dan on his dinosaurs adventures, unless Dan doens’t always wants to include Trek.
  • Ms. Carver, who is the teacher of Dan and his friends. She’s very keen that kids pay attention and do their homework. She tries to make learning fun and not boring like most teachers.

Dino Dan coloring pages and pictures

So far an explanation about this show with dinosaurs. You can enjoy yourself with downloading and coloring in some cool coloring pages of dinosaurs or do some crafting with your favorite pictures of some huge dino’s.

Dinosaur Coloring Pages
Coloring in ancient dinosaur coloring pages

Dinosaur Pictures
Great dinosaur pictures