Diego wallpaper

Welcome to the Diego wallpaper section. We’ve tried to offer a wide range of wallpapers of Diego in different resolutions you can download from onlykidsonly for free. We will try to continue offering a new Diego wallpaper and all the other characters from this very popular show.

We all know Diego from the show Go Diego Go on Nick Jr. When you don’t know him, maybe you can watch this show now and then. It’s about a little boy who lives in the rainforest and who’s a real friend of animals. In the shows he rescues animals who are in need, he can even talk with animals. Every show is full of exciting moments and a lot of adventure. Within these adventures you’ll have to help him during the show you’re watching. A positive thing is that you will be kept very active, you’ll learn a lot of thing about animals and you’ll learn Spanish. How great is that!

There are not just animals in the show, you’ll also find a lot of friends and even family of Diego. Diego has a niece for example, who has her own show. This niece is called Dora, and has her own show on NickJr named Dora the Explorer. This show is comparable with Diego, that’s why they sometimes have a role in each others program. Another relative is his sister Alicia. She doesn’t have her own show, so she’s always part of the Diego shows. Diego best friend is Baby Jaguar and his handy help when needed is Click the Camera and Backpack.

Diego wallpaper

Find yourself a favorite Diego wallpaper in the best resolution for you below and set it directly as your background.
If you can’t choose between Dora and Diego, there’re also wallpapers of Dora and Diego together :). You can also use them as a screensaver when you can’t choose. That way they will be rotated on your screen.

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