Diego coloring pages

Diego coloring pages are very popular with little kids, especially with boys. Coloring in is a very fun and simple activity for these little kids. All you need to do is find your favorite Diego coloring sheets, download and print them. Then you have to get your pencils and let’s start color in these Diego coloring pages.

Coloring in these Diego coloring pages is the perfect way of keeping your boys away from playing computer games on their game computers. Just like playing computer games, coloring is an activity they can do all day long. They won’t get bored.

We’ve tried to offer a wide range of printable coloring pages of Go Diego Go (some even from Dora and Diego together) you can download from OnlyKidsOnly.com for free. We’ll try to continue offering new coloring pages from Diego and all the other characters from this very popular show on nick jr.

Find some favorite coloring pages for your kids and let him or her start coloring and let them try to stay neatly inside the lines with this Diego coloring pages 🙂

Diego coloring pages

Below you’ll see Diego coloring pages from Diego…:

  • searching for animals in need through a binocular
  • having fun climbing in a tree with a monkey
  • with Linda the Lama
  • on the back of a huge turtle having fun together

Diego looking through a binocular Diego having fun with a monkey Diego and Linda Diego coloring pages

Diego and Alicia are searching with Camera for animals which need help. I guess they found one in the first Diego coloring page below.
In the other three coloring pages you’ll see that Diego loves scuba diving in the ocean. He also likes taking a ride on Turta and you’ll see the best friend of Diego, Baby Jaguar.

Who needs help? Go Diego Go Diego Coloring sheet from baby Jaguar

Below we have coloring pages from Dora and Diego together on an adventure and Backpack with various examples from items Diego can use on his adventures. Also one sheet from just Diego wondering which way to go and another one from baby Jaguar.

Dora and Diego on an adventure Backpack from Diego Go Diego Go coloring page Diego coloring pages with Baby Jaguar

Diego and Baby Jaguar are jumping around together in the first Diego coloring page below. In the second sheet you’ll see Diego in the jungle surrounded by animals. In the last two you’ll see Diego at an observation post in the forest and Backback which is transformed into a boat to help Diego.

Diego and Baby Jaguar playing together Diego in the jungle Observation post Backpack transformed into a boat

Diego loves swinging as you can see below where he’s swinging on a vine in the woods in the first Diego coloring sheet. The following Diego coloring pages are from:

  • Click the Camera to zoom in to find animals in need
  • The Bobo Brothers, the friendly monkies which mostly cause troubles
  • Diego rafting in Backpack as a boat

Diego swinging in the forest on a liana Click the camera Bobo Brothers from Go Diego Go Diego coloring pages