Daisy Duck

Daisy Duck, the girlfriend of Donald Duck, has her own coloring pages section. In the coloring pages below you’ll just find Daisy. In the other sections from her and her friends, you’ll find coloring pages from Daisy and her friends together. If you like these combined coloring pages more, you can start at the Mickey Mouse Clubhouse section. Here you’ll also find links to pages with coloring pages of Donald Duck, Mickey Mouse, Pluto, Goofy and Minnie Mouse to color in.

Daisy Duck has three nieces and is also called “aunt” by Huey, Dewey and Louie. I guess that’s because Donald Duck, their uncle, has a relationship with Daisy. So these 3 little Ducks are also kind of nephews of Daisy. Just like one big happy family, as it should be.

Daisy Duck coloring pages

Below you’ll see coloring pages from Daisy Duck:

  • Baking pancakes, I hope she’s not as clumsy as Donald or Goofy 🙂
  • On a camping and making a fire to stay warm
  • Dressed up as a Spanish dancer
  • With a flamingo

Baking pancakes Camping Spanish dancer Flamingo

Daisy Duck loves skating, both on the road and on the ice. But sometimes she’s quite dangerous on the ice. If the ice is too thin, she just keeps skating and she ignores the warning. That can end in disaster, so if the ice is too thin, do not go on the ice!
You can always skate on the road, as long as you look out for the traffic. Maybe it’s possible to close the road, so you can skate safely.

Daisy Duck Daisy Duck coloring pages

Here we have the last four coloring pages from Daisy Duck. In these Daisy Duck coloring pages you’ll find baby Daisy, a happy Daisy and a shy Daisy. Just download and print them, get your pencils and have lots of fun coloring them in with all the colors you have.

Baby Daisy Duck Daisy Duck coloring sheet Daisy Duck coloring page Shy Daisy