Printable coloring pages for adults

Ok, first of all, we want to apologize to all the kids. We’re very very sorry, but we couldn’t help it. There are also some grown ups who would like to see some printable coloring pages for adults on Guess they are bored or jealous when their kids are coloring in some kids coloring pages from onlykidsonly :). So, to make their wishes come true, we’ve made a little exception by placing some great adult coloring pages for them. They won’t be spoiled with some coloring books for adults, but just a few loose, but of course free, coloring pages for adults.

Of course they can make their own adult coloring book by printing all the coloring sheets and place them in a book. If it doesn’t fit, it’s also allowed to make some more adult coloring books. Maybe it’s a better idea for kids to make this so they can surprise their parent(s) with it.

Below we’ve placed some adult coloring pages, including some mandala coloring pages. Adults are really fond of mandala, as they can show their coloring skills with these. So, specially for the adult, have lots of fun with these coloring pages and please, keep between the lines. Of course kids may also try to color in these coloring pages. And when you want to color in some other coloring pages, we have enough of them on in the coloring pages section 🙂


Maybe it would be a great idea to make up a contest or a battle between adults and kids. Who’s the best in coloring in these great coloring pages? The kids or the parents? Create your own battle and lets see who’s the best. Of course you can also do a battle between kids, but how fun would it be to defeat your parents :). Eitherway, have lots of fun…..if you’re a kid or an adult.

Coloring pages for adults

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