The third Cars movie in line, Cars 3

Lightning McQueen is back in this third part of the movie Cars, called Cars 3. Within this cars movie you’ll meet a lot of new characters and so will McQueen :). There is a whole new generation of racers and the question is whether McQueen can go with this. Of course he goes into the confrontation in Cars 3, but in the end he crashes. It seems he’ll stop with the racing sport, but with some help from his friends he’s coming back. And stronger than ever. How you think, well, then you really have to see the movie, because there are many surprises.

Cars 3 characters

Within the third movie of Cars, there are a lot of new racers. One of the main new characters is Jackson Storm, a new generation car racer. They train in specific ways to become de best racers. Well, they are fast indeed, in no time he has defeated McQueen very easy and all the other old racers will be replaced by new ones.

Another new character is Cruz Ramirez, a trainer of the next generation cars. She will become the trainer of McQueen and they’ll experience different adventures together. And of course there are more cars 3 cars in this movie, think about Sally, Mater and many more of his old friends. One of our favorites in the cars 3 cast, is Miss Fritter, one of the mud racers and in the end a new friend of Lightning McQueen.

Cars coloring pages

Of course we have some great Cars 3 coloring pages for you to color in. We think this is another great movie from Cars, but we respect each others opinion. When you like part 1 and/or 2 more than Cars 3, you can also color in coloring pages from these parts. Either way, you’ll find the Cars coloring pages with the links below.

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Cars 3 coloring pages

Cars 3 logo Cars 3 coloring page Lightning McQueen McQueen coloring sheet Cruz Ramirez coloring pages Rusteze racing center Cars 3 coloring pages

Miss Fritter coloring sheet Cruz Ramirez coloring page Lightning McQueen coloring pages Jackson Storm Jackson Storm coloring pages

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