Butterfly wallpaper

When you’re searching for a butterfly wallpaper, you’re in the right place. First an introduction about butterflies. Butterflies are very beautiful animals, a lot of people love watching them flying around. But, does everyone know how a butterfly arises?

Well, it starts with a caterpillar, a bug/insect with a lot of legs. These bugs are build to eat, so, that’s what they’ll do all day long. Mostly they’ll eat leaves of trees and flowers. Most people don’t like to have these bugs in their garden, because all the leaves will become full of holes. The caterpillar has a lot of skinns, by eating a lot it will loose an old skinn and gets a new one. This is called moult.

That’s how it’s grows and gets bigger and bigger and bigger. But how does it become a butterfly? Well, at the last moult the caterpillar turns into a cocoon, also called a larva. When it has grown to the maximum and it’s time for the last molt, it will spin a thread and it will hang itself on a twig or a leave or somewhere else. Then the caterpillar will be transformed into a beautiful butterfly.

When the metamorphosis is complete, the cocoon will crack open, the butterfly extends his wings out the wrinkles and it’s time to fly away. I guess the people who first didn’t want the caterpillar to be in their garden, the butterflies will definitely be welcome to come back there :).
To make the butterfly life cycle or circle complete, the butterfly lays very little eggs on leaves, that’s how new caterpillars will be born.

You can try to attract butterflies into your garden by planting a butterfly bush or some lavendar plants. They really like the flowers on these plants, so you can see on the butterfly pictures below. In France you’ll find a lot of lavendar fields, well, you’ll also find a lot of butterflys there, just like a butterfly farm :).

It’s hard to shoot great pictures of butterflies, everytime you’re ready to make a photo, they’ll fly away. We were lucky with some butterfly images we’ve made, so we’re happy to share them with you. We even caught a yellow butterfly on camera, I don’t think these are seen a lot.

Butterfly wallpaper

The butterfly backgrounds we offer, supports a lot of different resolutions. Find your favorite butterfly wallpaper below and set it directly as your computer background.

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