Butterfly coloring pages

There are butterfly coloring pages with just a butterfly or more butterflies, but there are also coloring pages from other figures or characters where butterflies are shown. Well, we have both kind of coloring pages, so a lot of butterflies you can color in.

We now know that a butterfly arises when a caterpillar becomes a cocoon by eating a lot of food. So, we’ve also added some coloring pages of caterpillars to color in. There’re even coloring pages from a caterpillar who came back as a butterfly to a very funny character. Can you find them below?

If you’re not into butterfly coloring pages but you like drawing your own butterfly, you can learn this with step by step drawing. When you go to the learn to draw section, we have an example for you how you can learn to draw a butterfly step by step. And of course you can try to copy the butterflies coloring pages we have below.

Have lots of fun with these caterpillar and butterfly coloring pages. If you need help with downloading these butterfly coloring pages, please take a look at the download instructions.

Caterpillar and butterfly coloring pages

Below you’ll see some nice coloring pages from caterpillars. A caterpillar becomes happy by eating leaves from a tree, because it knows it will become a butterfly when it eats a lot. The last coloring page is from a very huge caterpillar. This one must become a beautiful butterfly soon.

Caterpillar Caterpillar on a leaf Leaf eating caterpillar Huge

Ain’t that great. In the first coloring page Tigger (from Winnie the Pooh) gets a visit from a little caterpillar. In the second coloring page, this caterpillar returned to Tigger as a beautiful butterfly. I guess they’ll be friends forever

Tigger gets a visit from a caterpillar Tigger with a butterfly

Below we have coloring pages of:

  • Bambi: Bambi loves butterflies, especially when they land on his tail
  • Three beautiful butterflies
  • Cats who love chasing butterflies. This butterfly teases this cat a little because he wants to play with her
  • A cool butterfly. Can you color him in with some cool colors?

Bambi butterfly Butterflies in a bush Butterfly on a cat Butterfly coloring pages

Dreams can come true! This caterpillar dreams of becoming a beautiful butterfly, and a time later it really is a butterfly. How great is that! Can you make this butterfly more happy by giving it some nice colors in these butterfly coloring pages?

Will Caterpillar became a butterfly

Below we have a coloring page of butterflies which can not be missed with the My Little Ponies, a beautiful coloring page of a butterfly surrounded by stars, a sheep playing with a butterfly by chasing it and a coloring page with just a butterfly.

Butterflies flying around the ponies Butterfly coloring sheet Butterfly and a sheep playing Color in this butterfly

You can color in the first coloring page of a butterfly with great colors. You can also add some spots in different sizes on it by yourself, it has enough space on his big wings. From the second coloring page I guess this butterfly has just arised because it looks like a baby butterfly.

Big wings butterfly Little butterfly