Most kids love little bunnies, probably because they are great animals to pet and to hug. Sometimes grown ups make jokes they only like bunnies with Christmas. You’ld better not listen to these jokes :).
Of course these animals are fun to have, but don’t forget they need a lot of attention, rabbit food like carrots and lettuce, every day clean water and the rabbit hutch must be cleaned a lot. So before you buy a lovely bunny, first think what’s all involved when you purchase this animal. Unfortunately for you we don’t have bunnies for sale. But, we do have some great bunny coloring pages for you.

You’re even allowed to give the bunnies in the color pages some bunny names you like.

If you are absolutely sure buying a bunny, you could first go to a rabbit care where are a lot of rabbits waiting for you or someone else giving their love to these pets. Whatever you decide to do, have fun with the rabbit coloring pages or with some real bunnies 🙂
And when you just want to see some bunnies, most zoos have space specifically for rabbits.

Of course next to these coloring pages from bunnies, we also offer some great Easter coloring sheets.

3 rabbits Bunny hug Eating a carrot Dora the rabbit
Here we have 4 funny bunny coloring pages with:

  • 3 little rabbits thinking what to do with those delicious carrots
  • A big hug between this girl and her bunny, this is what loving a pet is about
  • Rabbits like carrots the most as we can see in this coloring sheet
  • Dora dressed up as a rabbit

From the coloring pages below you can use the first coloring page from a happy bunny also as a mask. Color it in and get dressed up as a happy bunny. Or just choose the other coloring pages wit ha rabbit, a baby bunny with its mother or an easter bunny. For more Easter bunny coloring pages, just go to the Easter coloring pages and find a great easter coloring page

Bunnies coloring pages

Mask Rabbit baby bunny coloring page Easter coloring page

Owwww, what a cute bunnies we have here. This is what love between bunnies is about, sharing a carrot.
Could this be love? I think it is with all those hearts. For more coloring pages about love, please check out the Valentines Day coloring pages

Sharing a carrot Happy valentine

These 2 coloring pages look like bad rabbits, but these are just 2 masks. Color them in, cut them out and make yourself a great rabbit mask. Don’t forget to cut out the eyes, or you won’t see a thing 🙂

Rabbit mask Mask

Below we have the following coloring pages for you:

  • Snowman with a lot of baby bunnies
  • Coloring page from a bunny which looks very happy
  • Here we have someone taking care of the rabbits by giving them food and by petting them
  • This rabbit looks hungry, it’s good it has a carrot

Snowman with baby bunnies Bunny Pet rabbit Carrot

Here we have one coloring page with tow lop bunnies (don’t they look adorable?) and two coloring pages from the Disney movie ‘Bambi’. In this movie there’s also a rabbit, do you know its name? I guess it’s Thumper. He’s also in these coloring pages.

Cute lop bunnies Thumper and Bambi Tumper from Disney's Bambi

Here we have another three bunny coloring pages. I guess you can also use the first to learn to draw your own rabbit. How? Take a look at our drawing section to find out some ways. The other two are from a whole bunny family and I guess a girl rabbit. What a cutie.

Bunny Coloring page with rabbits Cute girl bunny

Here we have 2 rabbit coloring pages. One with the rabbit from the Winnie the Pooh cartoons and 1 coloring page with 2 rabbits cozy together

Pooh Cozy