KittenAlmost everyone love pets. In particular, children usually love pets like cats/kittens, dogs, rabbits, guinea pigs and so on. Very often you see that parents then easily adopt a pet, especially for their children. But, think carefully as you begin to pets, because it takes great responsibilities (not only for the kids). That is precisely the reason for this blog, since I last heard the following story about (from) a cat that was brought to the shelter:

“After 13 years my owner could not stand the hair, so I was taken to the animal shelter. I’m still waiting for a new boss to adopt me”. Can you believe that, how easily someone brings his pet to the animal shelter after 13 years? Well, I can’t 🙁

pets-dogBut, there are also good people who really take good care of their pet. So, think it over a few times before you adopt a pet. And, when you’re ready for a pet, what kind of animal will it be? A cat, a dog, a bunny, a guinea pig, a reptile, fishes or a bird? So many animals, so much choses 🙂


Some charactistics from the most famous pets are:

  • Cat – Can be lazy but also very playful, mostly likes to be petted and needs a scratching post. Some like to stay in, some want to go outside and most cats like to lie on your lap.
  • Dog – Needs lots of exercise and should be let out a few times a day.
  • Bunny and guinea pigs – Loves carrots and likes to be petted. Also likes to be outside in its cage or a fence.
  • Reptile – Lives in a glass aquarium/terrarium with heat lamps, some needs animals (for example mice, flies, grasshoppers or other insects) as food.
  • Fish – Needs fish feed every day and lives in an aquarium or a fishbowl which needs to be cleaned a lot.
  • Bird – Lives in a cage and will fly away when the cage (and window/door) is accidentally left open.

BunnySo, we must say the conclusion of this blog is: When you’re thinking of adopting a pet, think it over very well and think of the responsibilities it takes with it. Don’t forget every kind of animal has its own characteristics and peculiarities. So before buying, take your time and consider carefully what kind of animal you would like to have in your house. And when you’re ready to adopt a pet, take good care of it and love it as long as it lives. It is not one of your toys you play with but a beautiful living creature.