Memory or Memotri?

MemotriMemory is of course a game children grow up with. This funny game is a great way to train the brains of children because they have to try to remember what they’ve seen. Not just the image on te cards, but also the position of the cards. This with the aim to find two simular cards and collect the most pairs :).

But what if it would be possible to play this game with the goal to find three simular cards? And online in stead of on the floor/table?

Well, you won’t believe it, but it’s possible with the game Memotri. Just like memory, this is a fun matching game. But here’s the difference, you can play it on your ipad or iPhone. The goal of the game is the same as with memory, namely to find all sets of cards. Only here are three cards to find. With this game there’s also a time element, you have to find the sets as quick as you can. It keeps track of local high scores as well as global leaderboards where you can compare yourself to the best memotri players in the world.

Sweets from memotriWhen you’re going to play it, take some time to check out Memotri’s beautiful hand drawn graphics which make this game enjoyable and fun for every kid that likes matching pair games!

It is always possible that it’s still a bit too hard for you. In that case you can always fall back on the memory games or maybe you can ask a little help from your parents. But make sure that they do not steal your Memotri game to play it themselves :).


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