How to make a paper airplane by yourself?

Planes Kids love to play with airplanes, but don’t know how to make a paper airplane. Some kids will get plactic toys or figures from the movie “Planes”, some will make their own plane with LEGO or Playmobil and other have some transformer planes. But, all of these planes won’t fly for real. If you try to make them fly, they’ll mostly break. With LEGO you can rebuild it, but the other toys can be thrown in the garbage can.

Best paper airplanesWe think the most simple way to play with planes, is to fold paper airplanes by yourself. But as said, the fact is, most kids don’t know how to make a paper airplane. Mostly they will ask their parents who mostly do not have the sense to fold one for their kids. Probably because when they do help their children, within the next hour they have to make a lot more for their daughter, son or all of their friends.

The solution: let kids make their paper airplane themselves

How to make a paper airplane But we have the solution for the children and their parents….let the kids make the best paper airplanes themselves. Now the question is: How to make a good paper airplane? Well, below you’ll find one way to make a paper plane. If you like to see more type of paper planes you can make, just go to the paper airplanes post. Here you’ll find great examples of paper airplane designs to learn to make the best paper airplanes step by step by yourself.

Paper airplanes in the skyBut be carefull, these paper planes will fly far and hard, you must watch out your paper jet won’t fly into your head or even worse, your eyes. So when it comes your way, duck :). You can keep your paper planes the color from the paper you used. But you can also give your paper airplane some colors by coloring it in. Eitherway, with this and the other paper airplane instructions you can make your own best paper airplanes. When you let them fly, make sure they won’t get wet. If they do, they won’t fly anymore. It still stays paper, even when they look like real airplanes 🙂