How to draw and what to draw by yourself

Drawing with pencilsSometimes it’s hard to keep kids busy. Especially when you are in a fancy restaurant or just visiting your best friends. But, there are some things kids can kept busy with. For example you can use just a few papers and some pencils, crayons or color pens. As a matter of fact, as soon as kids can hold something in their hands, they want to know how to draw something. So, how great is it you can make your kids happy with drawing and the parents can relax when the kids are busy with something to draw.

Enlarged imageThere are many ways to learn to draw. For example, you can learn it with step by step drawing or by copy an image. These are 2 great ways for beginners to learn to draw. When you’re a little further, you can try to enlarge existing images. This way you can make your own posters for your wall or you can surprise your parent with a great portret of them. You’ll only need a photo or a card and of course, some paper. Whatever your drawing level is, all these drawing options are explained on our site. Just go to the drawing topic.

All Topics When kids are old enough to draw something by themselve (they now know how to draw), the argue begins. This is because they want to draw something, but they don’t know what to draw :). Maybe you can find some drawing ideas in the drawing section or in some of the other topics on Just search for something and make your own sketch of it.

Don’t like to draw or don’t want to know how to draw?

Of course it’s possible you don’t like to draw something your own or you just don’t want to know how to draw. But when you do like to be busy with paper and pencils, you can always choose some coloring pages to color in.