Barbecue with kids

When the sun begins to shine and the temperature goes up, most men will get the barbecue out of the shed. But, it’s sometimes a little bit difficult when you want to barbecue and there are kids around. And you know it, when you light up the barbecue, kids are going to play football in the garden or they’re playing hide and seek. And where can you hide better than behind a hot grill?


So, is there a good way to barbecue with kids around? Of course, lock them up in the barn 🙂 . No no, there are better ways.

Of course you can set up your bbq somewhere in the back of the garden surrounded with a big fence, so kids can’t get near the heat. Or you can let your neighbours light up the barbecue and let them throw the hamburgers and sausages over the fence 🙂 . But that is not so cozy for the one who’s barbecuing, is it?

Our view is that there a few things you can do when you want to barbeque with children around. We’ll present three of them:

  • Keep your kids busy with some activities
  • Give your kids an own kids barbecue to play with
  • Involve your children at barbecuing

Keep your kids busy with some activities

(Online) ActivitiesThe first thing you can do, is keeping your kids busy with some great offline or online activities, like coloring in some coloring pages, some drawing art, games and more. You’ll find a lot of these kind of activities on or you can hire/buy a bouncy castle or a trampoline. And of course you can event some activities by yourself.

Give your kids an own kids barbecue to play with

kids barbecueAt almost every toyshop you can buy your son or daughter a great plastic barbecue with plastic sausages, hamburgers and barbecue tongs. Put this barbeque in the living room and your kids can play with it while you’re doing the real thing outside. How great it is seeing these kids imitate their father (or mother) doing the real thing as a bbq-king. These toys are mostly meant for kids between 1 and 4 years.

Involve your children at barbecuing

Barbecue with kidsWhen your kids are around 6 years or older, you can also involve them at barbecuing. Of course when they would like to help and if they are cautious. What could be better for a child to stabbing a barbeque and frying the meat on it. Give them a barbecue tongs to turn the meat and to serve the food. Of course they also need to help with the preparation, such as setting the garden table, pouring drinks, make meat curries, chicken wings and the satay, etc. But, again, let them be careful so they won’t burn their fingers. Mostly when they burn themselve ones, it won’t happen again. But, to be sure you can take some safety measures, like having cold water in the neighborhood of your barbeque.

RibsWell, with the given possibilities above, barbecuing with children can be fun 🙂 With these ways you can socialize with the barbecue party sitting with the other people and not on your own standing in the back garden. And its very strange: Children won’t eat meat from the pan often (because they do not enjoy it), but if you take the same meat cooked on the grill, it goes in like cake. So, let’s barbecue and don’t forget the icecream dessert. Enjoy 🙂