Barbie is a very great doll designed by Mattel in the 50s. It has been a little bit quiet for a while around her, but it seems she has come back to life. Personally I think this has something to do with the awareness of the Disney Princesses and the entry of Barbie in some cartoons, like Toy Story. In this movie there’s also a male doll, namely Ken. When Barbie meets Ken, they’re directly in love with each other.

In my opinion Barbie finally is the precursor of the great Disney princesses. Nowadays you will find these dolls with clothing of princesses in most stores, so you can dress up Barbie as a princess. When she’s all dressed up, you’ll have your own Princess Barbie.

Barbies are of course made for girls, as girls mostly play with these great dolls. But when some little boys love to play with Barbies, this is absolutely also allowed :).
There’re also other dolls made by some factories. They look like barbies, but they’re not the real ones. For example, there’re dolls from Dora the explorer, but also from for example the movie Monster High.

Besides kids, some elderly persons have their own Barbie dolls collection. When these dolls are still in the original package, they could be worth a lot of money. If you want your kids to stay away from your exclusive collection, we offer some Barbie coloring pages to help you with that. The expensive dolls will stay neatly in the showcase and will keep their value and your kids will be busy with coloring in these great sheets.

On the internet you can also find all kind of online barbie games made for kids. If they’re through playing with the original dolls, they can play with these dolls online. I guess that’s more like what kids nowadays like to do. But if you can influence your kids, try to keep them away from playing online games before they get computer eyes 🙂

Barbie coloring pages

Barbie Coloring pages
Barbie coloring pages