The Backyardigans is a children’s show on Nick Jr about 5 animal friends having great adventures in their garden (which is transformed into differents worlds by their imagination). Within these adventures, there is a lot of dancing and singing in the Backyardigans.

Every episode starts and ends in the garden. When an adventure is ended, the Backyardigans are invited by one of the friends for a delicious snack.

Backyardigans characters

The 5 main characters in this show are Austin, Pablo, Tasha, Tyrone and Uniqua. Below you’ll find a short description and some keywords for every single backyardigan.

  • Austin is a friendly, smart but shy purple kangaroo who loves fun and has a lot of imagination. Just like Tasha, he can get a little grumpy sometimes.
  • Pablo is a small penguin colored in blue and yellow with a lot of energy. Pablo mostly have the most exciting ideas and mostly takes the lead during the great adventures in the garden.
  • Tasha is a small serious yellow hippopotamus, dressed with an orange dress with flowers and red shoes. She’s a sweet little girl, but sometimes she can be very grumpy.
  • Tyrone, an orange cool and relaxed moose wearing a shirt in red and blue, is Pablo’s best friend.
  • Uniqua is a sweet, friendly and curious pink character with a pair of antennas on her head. I don’t know what kind of animal she is, I don’t think she exists in real life. She loves great adventures and won’t shy away from dangerous things.


On the internet you can find a lot of coloring pages and games of the Backyardigans you can download and print for free.
For a little help with coloring in the characters on the coloring pages, you can follow the keywords in the description above. Of course you can use your own colors too 🙂