Angry Birds coloring pages

Angry Birds coloring pages are of course made for kids, but they’re also secretly allowed for parents to color in :). It’s very fun coloring in these coloring pages as you can find out the colors in the games of the Angry Birds. Or you can choose your own colors for these crazy birds. Find your favorite Angry Bird coloring page, download and print it, get some pencils or crayons and let’s start coloring in.

It’s very nice to see that the older the children become, the better and neater the coloring pages will be colored in. Let your parent show how they can neatly color in between the lines in these Angry Birds coloring pages.

Coloring in these Angry Birds coloring pages is of course a great way of keeping your children away from playing the Angry Birds games on their mobile device. This way the parents can play the game while the kids are coloring, so start downloading and print them 🙂 Or stop playing the game and color in together and make your own Angry Birds coloring book.

Angry Birds coloring pages

We’ve tried to offer some nice printable coloring pages of the Angry Birds you can download from Onlykidsonly. There are a lot of different kind of Angry Birds games, so there’re also a lot of different coloring pages. The latest sheets we’ve added, are from Angry Birds Space and Angry Birds Star Wars. Of course we’ll try to continue offering new coloring pages of these crazy birds and pigs.

Angry Bird A lot of Angry Birds King of the pigs

Angry Birds coloring sheet Angry Birds

4 Angry Birds in a coloring page Angry Birds in love

The big and the blue bird with a piglet Angry Birds space

Angry Birds Star Wars Angry Birds star wars coloring page