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Easter coloring pages

Easter coloring pages are great sheets to color in when it’s Easter. Tradition within the most families with Easter, is that you let your kids paint some eggs in all different colors. Also a fun activity for your kids is searching some easter eggs you’ve hidden the night before. But, what do you do when it’s raining outside and you have to keep your children inside on Easter Sunday? Well, below you’ll find the answer :) . We offer some nice Easter coloring pages to download, print and color for free. These sheets will keep your kids busy all day on a rainy Easter day, so have fun with these Easter coloring pages.

When they’re finished coloring in, maybe the rain has stopped and you can go outside. If not, we offer a lot of other coloring pages on onlykidsonly to color in with Easter, other holidays or just for fun :) . Just take a look at the coloring pages section.

All you have to do is find your favorite coloring page, download and print it, get some pencils or crayons and let’s start coloring in.

Below we offer you some Easter coloring pages from for example Donald Duck, Mickey Mouse, Dora and Boots, Hello Kitty, Cars, Elmo, Winnie the Pooh and friends, etc. The coloring sheets of Donald Duck are kind of a story which is told. We all know Donald Duck is always trying to impress Daisy Duck to show her ho much he loves her. Also with Easter he wants to make these Easter days very special for Daisy and of course for them together. This year he promissed her they will search for Easter eggs together. But, he’ll need eggs to be able to do this……

Have lots of fun with choosing and coloring in the best coloring pages and hopefully you’ll have a very nice Easter :)

Click on the pictures below to see a larger image of the Easter coloring page you can download.

Donald needs some Easter eggs 1. Donald needs eggs for this Easter, so he’s asking the chickens for some eggs. This of course on his own typical way :) Donald Duck slips and let the eggs fall 2. Ooh no, how clumsy Donald is! Finally he got some eggs from the chickens, he stumbles and let them fall….
Even a little chicken survived 3. Most eggs were broken, but fortunately, some eggs could be saved by Donald’s clumsiness. Now it’s time to hide the eggs for Easter Day. Ducks searching eggs on Easter Day 4. It’s finally Easter Day. The easter eggs are hidden and it’s time for searching them. Donald has succeeded, this will be an Easter they won’t forget :)
Grandma has hidden some eggs for Dora and her friends Here we have a nice Easter coloring page of Dora and Boots, on their way to Grandmothers house to paint some Easter eggs. I don't think Swiper was invited Oh no. there’s Swiper. Swiper don’t swipe! We’ll need those easter eggs to paint. Rollercoaster Bunny Here we have a coloring page of a funny bunny in a super fast rollercoaster. I hope those Easter eggs will survive this ride :)
Elmo wishes you a Happy Easter Elmo loves Easter, he really likes to search for eggs and to color them in with all beautiful colors. Easter coloring pages Here we have 2 nice Easter coloring pages of Hello Kitty. Can you help her coloring in these Easter eggs with some nice colors? Easter coloring pages
One of the Dalmatians loves playing with an Easter egg Swinging a basket full with eggs
On the left we have an easter coloring page of one of the dalmatians. The 101 dalmatians really love Easter, especially playing with the eggs is a funny thing to do. It’s a challenge not to break the eggs :) On the right we have an unique easter coloring page of the movie Cars. It’s Tow Mater, the pick-up and best friend of Lightning McQueen. He swings a basket of easter eggs around on his tackle.
A little pony getting some thing together for Easter Let's paint, yeahhh Let's find some hidden eggs Winnie and his friends playing a nice game One of the best friends of Pooh is painting some eggs This is not a real egg
On the left we have some easter coloring pages of My Little Pony. Mostly these are coloring pages for girls, but boys are also allowed to color them in :) On the right there are some fine coloring pages of Winnie the Pooh and friends. They’re playing with eggs on spoons, painting some real easter eggs and an easter balloon.
Collecting eggs to save them in the pouch Is this a Bunny? When you search for eggs, you can also find a chocolat bunny
Here we have a easter coloring page of Kanga and Roo, the baby kangaroo. They are collecting Easter eggs and save them in the pouch of Kanga. Winnie the Pooh is searching for some easter eggs. He’s searching dressed up like a easter bunny :) Rabbit and Owl are showing what they have found in the forest. These friends of Pooh have found some easter eggs, but also a chocolat bunny.
Are you my mother, Dora? Dora dressed up as a Easter Bunny As we know, Dora is always in the mood for Easter and likes to dress up sometimes. In these 2 extra easter coloring pages of Dora the Explorer, we see:
- Dora with a little chicken crawling out of an egg and Dora dressed up as an Easter bunny. The little chicken is very happy to see Dora and thinks Dora is her mother. I guess it’s time for Dora and Boots to find this chickens real mother :)
- Dora dressed up as an Easter bunny. It’s always funny to dress up, here Dora is dressed up in a nice bunny suit.

No one will find these Easter eggs Well, I think Mickey and Mini Mouse will have many troubles finding their Easter eggs. This because Pluto is hiding these Easter eggs on a place where only he can find them :) Pluto surprises Mickey Mouse by jumping out of a super Easter egg Pluto, where are you? Hahaha, here he is….. This time he didn’t hide the Easter eggs, but he has hidden himself inside a super Easter egg to surprise Mickey Mouse. It looks like Pluto has succeeded with this :)

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